1,000,000,000 monthly active users. They must have got it right.

Most updated version of Instagram [22 Sep 2020] — Introduced Reels

A LinkedIn connection shared the below screenshot and asked me — “Looking at the position/placement of these actionable buttons, can we guess/conclude what exactly Instagram wants its user to do? Can we guess, what is the business approach of Insta through a simple design?”

Initiatives by Product, Engineering, Marketing, HR, Supply Chain Management & Operations

“There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen” — Vladimir Lenin

Online grocery is seeing an unprecedented demand due to the lockdown. So as a Product Manager at bigbasket (India’s largest online grocery supermarket), I would love to share our story since lockdown — Serving…

A way to Improve Conversion Rate of New Visitors

User’s interests and personalized list
Show what customers prefer, not the banners that we would prefer.

Problem Statement

How can the product help first time online grocery shoppers to build their basket quickly?

As a customer — How do you start shopping in an online grocery app with 50,000 products?

We don’t want first time visitors to land on page filled with banners and expect them to explore…

Design for people, Use people language

How do you search — nail paint or nail polish?

What’s the main goal of a banner in a home page?

Clicks (that is, we want people to click on the banner and explore)

How can we ensure the best CTR (Click Through Rate)?

If users can easily associate the words they see with the words they have in the mind, there’s a higher chance of clicking on the banner. This is because it requires less mental effort to perceive. …

Bhavana A S

Product Manager by profession. Designer by heart. PM case studies, UX design teardown, SEO, E-commerce. Ex-Bigbasket, Eltropy.

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